I am a writer. Most part of my everyday life revolves around words, languages, music, and art. My lenient pursuits though, stretch from dance to science, metaverse to mars.

I have received my education in computer science & engineering and clinical psychology. While I spend most time writing stories composed within made-up worlds, and rhythms of poetry, I am open to all forms of writing, as long as it has quality and purpose.

My fascinations in life are a good cup of tea, a conversation that rattles the brain, discovery of ‘the mind’, finding dynamic meanings in life, words that lift you up with the promise of never bringing you back, space missions, time machines, soft paper soaking slippery ink, quantum physics, stories from your travels, saving the planet, a new language, smell of a new book, petrichor, grooving to new beats, creating fresh music, and extra cheese on that sandwich.

I hold some professional experience in content writing, marketing, brand design, graphic design, and video editing.

If you want to have a conversation, wish to work together, or even if you need any random help at all, drop me an email at – authorajsapiens@gmail.com

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A.J. Sapiens

I write to make sense of things in my soul and the universe. Find me on twitter: https://twitter.com/ajsapiens | Blog: sapiensverse.wordpress.com