5 Pop culture trends to watch out for in 2020

A.J. Sapiens
3 min readDec 25, 2019

Punjabi songs have been the heart of the year 2019. What else has it been? This was the year Gully Boy rocked the nation up, and when asked: “How’s the Josh?”, people tended to respond with “High Sir!”. Every year has it’s own history and 2020 is the future we all can’t stop predicting.

What are going to be the popular trends in the year 2020? Let’s explore:

  1. Clean Shave-

Fully grown beard was in fashion a few months back and the sales of beard oils hiked up like crazy. Although, now is the season of clean shaved or minutely trimmed mustache. It is almost as if the gentlemen gala is going to be back this year.

2. Electric Vehicles and Bicycles-

So far, it was only about purchasing electric vehicles. After the dawn of startups like Yulu, you can also rent electric vehicles and drive eco-friendly. The most amazing part of it being: People are actually interested in using all of these products. What you need to watch out for is more innovation in electric vehicle acceptance among your peers.

I am also seeing a lot of my friends riding bicycles to work. This culture is spreading out quickly, especially in Bangalore. As various startups now have stands for accessible bicycles everywhere, this trend is here to stay.

3. Healthy Food and Beauty Products

As people are growing cautious about their health and diet, they are also talking about it relentlessly. A new trend of health-oriented technological products is on its course to advancement. Startups like cure.fit, grow fit have brought in a whole new era of accessibility of healthy products. People measuring calories and calculating their daily intake like how doctors calculate the dosage of medicines to be given.

Even beauty products are being marketed the same way. It has been a trend for long, but to see what else can come out of it is what I am looking out for in the year 2020.

4. All-in-one fitness

Your colleagues and friends are no more going to chase out different places for health, fitness, sports. The all-in-one fitness regime is being followed by most youngsters now, and what is helping them the most is the digital revolution.

Hundreds of apps like ‘Step-Set-Go’ for them to keep track of their fitness activities, startups providing them with a go-to place for their well being, so many offers and so many options! This is only going to accelerate in the year 2020!

5. Walking

A decade ago, humans of India somewhere forgot to walk on the planet. Slowly and steadily, they have begun mustering the courage to walk on their feet and speak proudly about it. So finally, yes. The country is moving and the shift has been seen in the year 2019 itself. We have a new trend of more number of people walking to set for the year 2020.

This is all from my side about the trends I am watching out for in the year 2020. If there is anything you think I missed out, do not forget to drop a comment. Happy 2020.



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